Who are Hank Williams Sr. and Jr.?

You can still see the influence of Hank Williams Sr. and Jr. whenever a knowledgeable person talks about music. Who are these people and why is the world still influenced by them? Let us know about both of them and their work!

Hank William Sr.

Hank Williams Sr. is a well-known and most celebrated country music artist of all time. This American icon “Luke the Drifter” was known as Hiram by his family and friends. Do you remember the first Country Music Hall of Fame class? Yes, he was a member there.

From “Cold, Cold Heart” to “Your Cheatin’ Heart” audiences never stopped the “once more” term when it comes to Hank. William Sr. started playing guitar at the age of 8 and did his first radio debut at 13. He recorded about 225 country songs and the best part is, most of the songs are written by him!

More than a singer, he was an influencer to the listeners. The tragic country start was born in 1923 in Georgiana, Alabama, and died at the age of 29 in West Virginia when he was still young! In this journey of music, he got a Grammy Award, Country Music hall of Fame and Museum, Pulitzer Prize, Rock, and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Though he is no more but this style of wearing cowboy hats and western clothing is still in the fashion! And the other thing he left with his amazing music is his son, Hank Williams Jr.

Hank William Jr.

Hank Williams Jr. was born in 1949 in Louisiana and suffered a lot by losing his father when he was only three. But soon at the age of 8, he made his first stage debut and sang at Nashville’s famed Grand Ole Opry when he was only 9.

Holding the legacy of his father, he spent his teenage with sold-out crowds. However, when he grew up, he got into a wild lifestyle and was caught for taking pills and excessive drinking. He suffered a low time and in 1974, Williams Jr. attempted suicide.

The best part of his life is turning back from the darkness and coming with Southern rock and blues. From “Texas Women” to “Family Tradition” he has added the top singles of his century. From 1964 to the present, he is working as a singer with the ability to play guitar, banjo, harmonica, drums, and a lot of other instruments!

He is known for his expertise in the nontraditional country, rockabilly, and outlaw country music! Along with these, he has awards from Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, Rolling Stone, CMT Music Awards, Emmy, Academy of Country Music Grammy, and a lot more!

Even if you don’t know about Hank Williams Sr. and Jr. you must know about the Hank Williams Family Tradition Museum. It includes memorabilia of more or less 400 pieces that connect with the father and son. So, they are not only known for their music but also their influence, strength, and fashion sense.

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